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Don't Forget to Eat Breakfast if You Don't Want to Get This Disease

Dense activity in the morning may make you often ignore breakfast. If this continues, it can damage your health. Skipping breakfast often can even increase the risk of some diseases you know. Want to know what are the illnesses? Check out the following review. When you wake up, your blood sugar levels tend to be low. Even though this blood sugar is needed by the muscles and brain in order to work properly. Well, breakfast in the morning can help restore the body's blood sugar levels. If you don't eat breakfast, you can become less energized. In addition, several studies also found an increased risk of certain diseases in people who often skip breakfast. Diseases due to Often Not Breakfast The following are some diseases that can threaten you if you often forget breakfast: High blood pressure and stroke People who skip breakfast are at risk of developing high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels. Not only that, a study even revealed that the breakfast routine
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Remain confident despite gray hair at a young age

White or gray hair is identical to someone who is old. But the fact that some people have experienced it from a young age. So don't worry if you are one of the people who experienced this. Because you can still look attractive, even though you have gray hair. Each strand of hair has roots that are surrounded by follicles that produce melanin, which is a coloring agent in the hair. But there are several factors that can cause melanin production to decrease and cause hair color to fade to white or often known as gray hair. Causes of Gray Hair at a Young Age Usually, Asians start growing gray when they are in their late 30s and will get more and more when they are in their 50s. But in some people, hair can begin to turn white before entering that age. There are certain underlying causes, i.e. Genetic or hereditary factors Try to notice or ask at what age your parents or grandparents began to grow gray hair. Generally at that age, chances are you will also have it. Smoking habi

The Little Difficult To Invoke Afternoon, Come Mother, Try These Tips

There are various benefits of naps for children's health, which is a shame if missed. But, sometimes there are just reasons for Little to refuse to take a nap. Well, some of the following tips Mother can apply, so that children are easier to take a nap. Your child usually refuses to sleep for several reasons, including not wanting to lose playing time or feeling hungry. Though fulfilling the need for sleep is very important for children, especially to support their growth and development. Meet Children's Sleep Time One way you can do to meet the child's sleep needs is to get used to nap. Sleeping needs of children aged 1-3 years are 12-14 hours per day, while children aged 3-5 years are around 11-12 hours per day. While children aged 5-12 years need 10-11 hours of sleep per day. Fulfillment of children's sleep time needs can support their health, including: Maximize physical and mental development. Reducing the risk of obesity. Increase the child's body po